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Not much has appeared during the last 8 days - still Phase 4 - though one anonymous opinion on CIO.com is quite interesting.

CIO.com, Nov 12 - looking behind the curtain: "Currently, Microsoft is bound to the temp and contractor services around the globe for actual IT production. However, they are trying to recruit again with fairly dismal results getting the same as what is causing the problem. What appears to be an Iceberg on the IT ship ahead is that many of the contractors are leaving for other shores (Google, etc..) as cherry projects go to Accenture and other top tier vendors at premium prices with no better results."

Computing SA, Nov 12 - restating what we already had on this blog: "He said that he viewed his role as being 'a value-added partner' to Microsoft’s business unit. But Scott also acknowledged that his role at the company was more consolidated and powerful than past Microsoft CIOs enjoyed. 'Prior CIOs have always run the corporate systems and infrastructure for the employees,' Scott said. 'What we have added is the direct line-of-business systems. It is all part of Microsoft learning how to be a big company but still remaining innovative and agile.'"

NetworkWorld, Nov 12 - giving advice for fired executives as well as for firing companies: "Advice for companies doing the firing: 'If it's not handled delicately, and they don't let that person go with their professional dignity intact, it's going to reflect badly on the company and reduces their chances of hiring someone of high caliber into that position in the future.'"

InformationWeek, Nov 15 - stating former Microsoft CIO Ron Markezich: "Asked if he might go back to being CIO, Markezich answered he had 'no plans' to move into the CIO role. 'I'm very much focused on my job,' he said."

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