&37/ The State of the Web: Who Cares About the Homepage?

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Who cars about the homepage? Exactly.

"No one visits a Web site's home page anymore - they walk in the back door, to just the place Google sent them. By atomizing the world, Google destroys the end-to-end solution offered by most organizations, replacing it with a pick-and-choose, component-based solution."

Seth Godin compares with Columbus: "People don't always find you the way you want to be found."

And the solution for information architecture?

The navigational hierarchy is dead - long live the navigational hierarchy.

Columbus did not land in India, but a (complete) world map might have served him well to sail over to India from the Americas if he just had one. Regard the hierarchical navigation with a Homepage (e.g. Asia) at the top as a map to sail where you intended to be - even if you landed in the Americas. And if the Americas was your destination, fair enough...

Read Seth Godin!

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